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Certified Fitour® Group Exercise Instructor
Certified Fitour® Primary Stability Ball Instructor/Specialist
Certified Turbo Kick® Instructor
Certified InSANITY™ Instructor
Certified PiYo™ Instructor
Certified Cize™ LIVE Instructor
All Star Presenter Camp
Certified CPR/AED

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Hey! I’m Mary Ann…..former third grade teacher extraordinaire and jewelry designer. I never do anything half way~~ I love the job that I am doing~~ whatever it is at the time! When I was a teacher I was over the top, hands-on, let’s-figure-it-out together kind of gal. I *loved* hanging out with those kids! Kids and I just get each other. I went out on maternity leave on 2001 and really enjoyed my time off. By the time 2003 rolled around and I’d managed to have *another* baby, *and* I was starting to get itchy to do *something*, as long as I could stay home with my little ones. That was when pink papillon, my jewelry business was born! (Quite by accident, but that’s a whole other story!) I have been very successfully running that business ever since.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting back into teaching. Here in New Jersey education right now isn’t the best for people like me….. “too much” education and “too much” experience make it nearly impossible to find a job as we are “too expensive” due to all the budget cutbacks. (Crazy, I know!) It made me start thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life…..if I can’t teach, well, what WILL I do? I’ve *always* been into fitness. I exercise at least 5 days a week, and I am crazy-obsessed with all things Chalene Johnson. I started thinking, *maybe* this is something I could build on. Trust me, I’m no fitness guru. I didn’t lose 100 pounds on my own or anything amazing like that. I’m not totally buff or totally skinny. I don’t always eat what is good for me. I love margaritas and Dairy Queen. I’m just like you. BUT, I *am* totally committed to my workout routine because it is *FUN*. I love doing it! I started thinking I could actually teach *that* to people…..so, I took the plunge and went to a Turbo Kick® instructor training in New York City. I was taught by the fabulous Joie Walsh and I was HOOKED! I soon went to Connecticut and got my Hip Hop Hustle™ certification.  That October I went back to New York and finished the trifecta and earned my PiYo™ certificate!  This past March I attended All Star Presenter Camp to learn to pump up my game and ROCK the house!

Along with teaching classes, I’d love to once again to work with children.   Child obesity and inactivity is at an all time high, and it has always been a goal of mine to reach out to children and teach them about basic nutrition and fun ways to become more active.  I’ll be holding an after school program in the fall through my local elementary school where the kids and I will do just that~~ learn about nutrition and do some Turbo Kick™, Hustle™ and PiYo™!   l’d love to have special classes for teens as well.  Stay tuned~~ I have much in the works!