Beachbody 3 Day Refresh: The Results!

Well, I did it!  I stuck to the program and followed it as closely as I possibly could!  Now, I didn’t do this for the weight loss, (well, maybe a little) I did it because I was so far off track after 2 weeks of traveling and parties, etc etc etc.  I was just feeling like I was out of control and needed a SMACK in the right direction.  This was it!  I’m so glad I did it— I ended up losing 6 pounds! That’s all 5 I gained plus a bonus pound!  All for 3 days effort! I’ll take that!  I felt less bloated and really better just in general.  I had INCREDIBLE energy– especially on the final day, which really surprised me.  Here’s me the day after I was finished on the beach doing a little PiYo:

feed Go me! I promised to answer some of the questions I received while I was doing the program, so here we go:

1.  I don’t know. I don’t think I can just drink protein shakes and not be starving. I like to eat. Weren’t you starving the whole time?

No! I wasn’t starving AT ALL. Ever! I was actually sort of surprised by that myself. The Vanilla Fresh protein drink was VERY filling and did its job. In addition, this is NOT a two shakes an day and a healthy dinner type program– the Vanilla Fresh and Shakeology are IN ADDITION to eating fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats. I promise you will not be starving!

2.  Sooooo…. this Fiber Sweep you need to drink. Is that going to make me be in the bathroom all day?

Nope! It’s not like that. It’s made to gently sweep out your system. As a matter of fact, I didn’t really see much of an effect until after I was done with the 3 days. I will say if you aren’t used to so much fiber (the program is packed with it) you may feel a little bloating and have some gas, but that’s normal. It’s also a sign you need more fiber in your life, anyway! Your body will adjust.

3.  I can’t live without my coffee.  Can I have coffee?

Sure! You can have coffee on the Refresh. You just can’t use milk or creamer, but you can sweeten it with stevia. I decided not to have it at all. Instead I opted for the 2 cups a day of herbal tea. It’s entirely up to you. Can’t live without the milk in your coffee? Then just do it! The Beachbody police aren’t going to get you– just know that your results may be slightly different than they could have been.  That’s all.  (PS  I had coffee immediately the day after I was done and was promptly a big, jittery mess!)

4.  You probably worked out the whole time you were doing it. I know you did. Do I have to workout like a nut to get results?

Nooooo. As a matter of fact, Beachbody suggests only mild to moderate exercise while doing the Refresh so your body can focus on the cleansing. You can leave the nutty working out to me for 3 days.  <wink>

5.  Am I going to just gain all the weight back that I lost?  It’s probably not permanent.

Well, that’s up to you! Sure, if the whole week after you cleanse you binge on McDonald’s and ice cream I’m pretty sure you’ll gain something back.  However, if you use this as a jump start to clean eating and staying on track, I know you’ll have a good shot at keeping it off!

6.  Okay!  I’m interested!  It’s probably a ton of money, right?

Wrong! The Refresh is $69.95 with Shakeology. If you already drink Shakeology you can buy a kit without it for $59.95. HOWEVER— the BEST deal is to get a Challenge Pack where you can get a WHOLE BAG of Shakeology (your flavor choice!) AND a 3 Day Refresh kit for $140.00. YEAH. That’s a BARGAIN. That’s like buying a bag of Shakeology and getting the Refresh for 10 bucks. I know you are going to love Shakeology and kick yourself for not getting more, so this is a GREAT option. But hurry– that deal is only around until the end of July.

7.  Where can I get it?  Will you help me if I DO get it?

Of course I will help you! If you buy a kit from my site you get me as your lifelong coach for FREE! You can visit my website Mad Fit 4 U (click on that!) then click shop and choose the 3 Day Refresh from the left menu.  Or choose Buy a Challenge Pack from the landing page for that option.  If you have any trouble, just contact me and I can walk you through it!

So, there you have it!  If you have anymore questions or just want to chat, you know where to find me!  I am thinking of starting a 3 Day Refresh support/challenge group in August– then a bunch of us can all do it together!


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