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My Inner Fat Kid is on the Loose!

Do you know Jenna Marbles?  She’s a blogger and youtube video-maker person.  (For lack of something better to call her!)  I’ve lost entire afternoons watching some of her videos.  She is HYS-TER-ICAL.  Anyway, I was scrolling through her videos the … Continue reading

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A Little Wednesday Motivation…..

He may be gone, but he is *still* inspiring us.  What positive change will YOU make today?

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Your World Can Change in the Blink of an Eye….

Thursday morning putting the kids on the bus started out just like any other……only on this morning as the kids were boarding, the fire trucks left the station around the corner from my house with sirens wailing.  Weird, but not … Continue reading

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Body Weight May Affect Ability To Control Food Impulses

Wow!  I read this article over on fitperez and thought it was interesting enough to post here: Uh oh. Resisting the McDonald’s Dollar Menu may be harder for some of us than we thought. A study published in the Journal of … Continue reading

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Another Public Service Announcement~~ CPR

Did you know I am a Brownie Girl Scout leader?  Yes, I am.  I love those little girls.  We’ve been together since they were little kindergarten Daisies.  They are getting ready to leave 2nd grade.  Sigh.  Oh how times flies…… … Continue reading

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