My Inner Fat Kid is on the Loose!

Do you know Jenna Marbles?  She’s a blogger and youtube video-maker person.  (For lack of something better to call her!)  I’ve lost entire afternoons watching some of her videos.  She is HYS-TER-ICAL.  Anyway, I was scrolling through her videos the other day and I came across one called “Junk Food Confessions”.   Ohmygosh, it’s completely hysterical.  It’s all about how she’s fallen off her “diet train” as her Inner Fat Kid has taken over her life and is forcing her to eat terrible things.  In order to get herself back on track, she’s confessing all the terrible eating she’s done over the past few months so she can own it and move on.

That’s what I need!

Ugh.  The past 8 weeks have been terrible health-wise for me.  First I had a muscle injury that put me on the sidelines for a few weeks, followed up by a possible cardiac condition that stuck me in the hospital and side lined me AGAIN until I got some clearance on that.  (I’m good– thanks for asking!)  Anywho, the not exercising and sitting around on a heating pad thing can sorta kinda lead you into some bad habits of eating crap you wouldn’t NORMALLY eat— you know, because you’re feeling all bad and out of sorts, and maybe sorry for yourself a little bit, and guilty because you’re letting down all your clients that come to your classes…..and then it’s your son’s birthday and your mom makes this awesome chocolate cake and it’s just sitting there at 10:00pm staring at you so you have some….. okay, maybe that’s just me.  But still, I’m sure something like this has happened to you, so you get what I’m talking about.  Can you relate?  Good!  Then let’s fix it together!  Are you with me?  Let’s say the pledge:

I, (Insert Your Name Here), am jumping back on the Fitness Train, TODAY.  I will start (Insert Your Exercise Program Here — mine will be Focus T25 TODAY– Day One Alpha Cardio).  I will reign in my Inner Fat Kid and not let him/her control my life, because let’s face it, this is the WORST time of year for that kinda thing.  I will make better food choices on a regular basis.  However, if my Inner Fat Kid gets out, I will not beat myself up about it.  I will him/her back in control, and move on.  To this I solemnly swear!

Okay, now cut and paste that and post it on your Facebook wall!  Then everyday post what exercise you are doing, to keep you accountable!  Let’s do this right through December!  Ready?  Set?  GO!

Want to see the video I was talking about?  She curses a lot, so don’t watch it at work or in front of the little ones.  She’s pretty good about it in this one, but I think there are a few at the end.

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