Want to try Shakeology before you commit to a full bag?  Here’s where you can do that!  You can purchase single serve packets right here!  Single serve packs are $5.00 plus $2.00 shipping.  (Please note that the shipping is for multiple packs.  If the site adds more onto the shipping, I will refund the difference to you!)  You can also purchase these single packs in class and save the shipping costs.

You can also purchase a Shakeology Cleanse Kit online!  Each kit comes with 9 single serve packs of Shakeology, 6 Green Tea bags, instructions, and information on Shakeology itself.  The price includes shipping.  (Chocolate only at this time!)

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Get your Shakeology direct from us in convenient single-serving packets.

Shakeology Single-serving Packet

Shakeology Cleanse Kit
9 Chocolate single-serving packets, plus 6 Green Tea Bags
Note: Shipping charges will be added at checkout.