Turbo Kick Class Contest Starts THURSDAY!

I did a contest for PiYo Strength, so now it’s time to do one for my Turbo people!  For the next 6 weeks, every time you come to class you can fill out a ticket to enter into a drawing. The more times you come to class, the more chances you get at winning.  You can also earn extra tickets during the 6 week period by doing various things:

  • Bring a friend to class:  For every friend that comes with you, you get another entry that day.  Bring one friend, you get one extra entry, bring two friends, get two extra entries….you get the idea!  Don’t forget to tell your friend they also get an entry that day.  (It might encourage them to come back!)
  • Wear the Color of the Week:  At each class I will announce what color you should wear to the next class.  (I will also post it on my Facebook page Central NJ Turbo)  Wear the color of the week and get an extra entry.  It’s that simple!
  • Your friend buys a block of classes:  Remember that friend that came with you?  They loved class so much that they decided to buy a block of classes!  Whoot whoot!  You hit the jackpot…..you get FIVE entries!  (They need to mention you to me so I know!)
  • Come to a PiYo Strength class:  Earn an extra ticket by coming out to one of my PiYo Strength classes on Tuesday nights at 6:00pm or Saturday morning at 10:00am.  (Please sign in on the special Challenge sheet next to the regular sign in book.)  This gives you the chance to earn 3 entries a week just by coming to class! (You’ll be extra fit as well!)

You might be wondering just WHAT is the prize?  Here it is:

Yes!!  The lucky winner will receive the home version of Turbo Kick….. Turbo Fire!  This program is the absolute reason I became an instructor.  I did it at home and I LOVED it.  When I found out you could be trained to teach it, I was ALL OVER that!  You will love it, too!

This set is a $120 value.  Can you believe it?  I know!  I can’t believe I’m giving one away, either!  So, get yourself to class and get your entries!  The contest begins on November 8th and ends on December 20th.  You must be present to win!!!  That’s our Turbo Holiday party day as well, so I hope you will make an effort to be there!  (But if you let me know beforehand, I’ll make an exception!

Here’s a Turbo Fire commercial for ya…..oh, and see that gorgeous brunette in the beginning in the blue top?  Her name is Toni.  She has 7 kids.  SEVEN.  So, what’s your excuse?

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