What IS Cize Live, anyway?


Me:  Hey!  Are you coming out to my Cize LIVE class tomorrow at 10:00am? Dance fitness?  It’s fun!

You:  Ooooooh, no.  I can’t dance.  Sorry.

WHAT?  As Shaun T says, if you can walk, you can dance!  But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me answer the same questions I answered for PiYo:

What IS Cize Live?   You know Shaun T from Insanity, but did you know he was a dancer first?  This is his new dance fitness workout! Dance is a super fun way to get in incredible shape— have you seen what happens to the people that do Dancing With the Stars?  Dance is a fantastic workout!  The cool thing is, Cize Live is professional dance for everyday people!  You will learn a professionally choreographed dance.  The goal is to “Cize It Up” at the end of class and do that routine to one special song!

Is it for beginners?  YES!  Cize LIVE is for EVERYONE– beginning dancers, returning dancers, experienced dancers, the I Never Danced dancers! I will break down professionally choreographed routines for you, step-by-step.  By the end of the hour you will be busting out a dance routine and totally forget you are working out!  The cool thing is, we will repeat the same routine for about a month. Each week you come you get better and better– which only means you can crank up the volume on your calorie burn!  You can come to class at anytime during those weeks– no need to start at the beginning as I will break down the dance for you in each class.  Hey, do you think they learn those dances on Broadway in a day??  The more you come, the better you get!

But I REALLY can’t dance.  Will it be too hard for me?  Again, let me say EVERYONE can dance!  *I* am not a professional dancer!  I’m not asking you to come out and be Beyonce.  (Although I do like to tell my classes it’s like I’m Britney Spears and they are my back up dancers– I can dream, right?)  Think about the first time you did anything– the first time skiing, or roller blading, or even riding a bike.  It was hard, right?  But the more you did it, the better you became.  Will you feel confused in your first class?  Probably.  But that’s NORMAL.  If you come out with the mind set I’m going to have fun and get a great workout and not take it too seriously, you will be GREAT!

So come on out to Team85 Fitness and Wellness on Fridays at 10:00am and pretend you are Beyonce with me!  (Because I’m Britney.  I call Britney.)

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